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​Founded in France in 2000 by HO Thuy Trang, TIENG TO DONG (The Rhythm of Copper Silk) consists of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese who love traditional Vietnamese music, especially the sounds of instruments such as dan tranh (zither), dan bâu (monocord), etc. The six members have been delivering small instrumental performances mainly in Switzerland and Paris. It was the start of our journey to promote Vietnamese traditional music and culture to the world.



Since its birth, Tieng To Dong has always been known as a music group. In November 2006, the group finally achieved the cultural association status and has now got 15 members who are all musicians (both amateur and professional).




2010 was a remarkable year for Tieng To Dong: 18 musicians from different countries using various instruments were gathered to perform together.

In 2012, for the first time, Tieng To Dong music was joint with saxophones from the Urban Sax group. It was composed/conducted by Gilbert Artman to breath in fresh air to modern music. During the same year, Tieng To Dong took a long step by delivering percussionists shows (drum, cymbal...).

From 2013, Tieng To Dong has not only been the music group in the field, it has also featured qualified percussionists and young talented dancers, adding up to 40 artists. The group has thus been able to deliver performance around France and Europe with various traditional instruments: cithare, monocorde, xylophone en bambou, flûte, lithophone, luth piriforme, etc.

By the end of 2016, we became an artistic production group after having achieved the spectacle license.

Vietnamese traditional music group in France


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